Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What to wear when you want to make your co-workers uncomfortable

Christopher Kane Pre SS 2014
Imagine your sitting at your desk and Betty from marketing comes and asks if you want to go to lunch with them. Imagine Betty's surprise when you stand up revealing this laser cut number. Are you showing skin? Are you bare as a baby's bottom? Are you wearing nude colored undies? Those are the questions that will inevitably go through anyone's mind that sees you that day. 

On a side note the above skirt (or dress, I can't tell with the jacket) would look great with a black slip or even a short skirt in a bright color. Also some of the other looks in the collection are a bit more toned down and quite pretty. 

Think of any other examples of what to wear when you want to make your co-workers uncomfortable? Let me know in a comment


  1. I love the third outfit

    1. I do too! Although I think would wear them separately with a bright colored top/bottom!