Monday, October 14, 2013

Diet Chronicles: Day 01

Official Diet Day 1

Bye! I will miss you!
It's probably pretty smart when starting a diet to figure out exactly what diet you are going to go on. This proved to be a daunting task seeing as Pinterest and People magazine seem bent on educating us about every single diet fad or nutrition trend. After talking to a friend of mine who moved last year to the land of the tanned and toned, sunny Sacramento I have decided on a diet that is low in sugar and bad fats and high in veggies and good fats. He said that fats are not the problem. Fats get flushed away (literally) and sugar is bad stuff that sticks around. 

Lets hope my diet works out for me more like Alex and less like Penny. 

After a weekend of eating mostly whatever I want, I figure I best start out on the right foot. For breakfast I had steel cut oats with bananas and....some brown sugar. Eeeek! I know that I just got done saying that I was trying to limit my sugar intake but seriously these oats are so good with brown sugar! And besides I ate steel cut oats and not the stuff in the packets so that counts for something, right? To drink I had a small glass of orange juice and tea. I reason that if you are going to have sugar, might as well have it in the morning. I can totally burn it off through the day.

Breakfast went easily enough. On paper my lunch actually sounds very healthy. Chicken and rice with salad and green tea. However, I had chickenandrice, as in chicken in a creamy sauce poured over white rice, vs the plain chicken and brown rice thats all the rage with p90x-ers. Also, my salad was drenched in blue cheese dressing, which while delicious isn't exactly fat free. At least the green tea was healthy and drank unsweetened I might add. 

While lunch may not have been as strict as I would have liked I more than made up for it at dinner! I had boiled asparagus, a scrambled egg with cheese and salsa, and a salad. That seems pretty darn healthy if you ask me. 

I will have to admit that after dinner I had a few swigs of coconut milk to satisfy my sweet tooth. I have read several articles about the health benefits of coconut milk and they are mixed at best. So lets hope the people behind the everything about coconuts is healthy are right and I don't finish my carton wondering why I gained five pounds. 

As far as exercise goes I walked up a hill and around a track a few times with a co worker. I wouldn't say it was the most strenuous workout but I figure I need to be social sometimes and might as well be active while I'm doing so. 

I think Day 1 went pretty well! Lets see if I can keep this up. 

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