Thursday, October 17, 2013

Diet Chronicles: Days 3 & 4

When does this....

turn into this?
Its only been 4 days and I am hitting my first wall. Aside from a "splurge" meal of mexican that I had yesterday for lunch my diet has been pretty good and broccoli filled. After many meals packed with fiber, good fats, and enough broccoli to kill a horse I have yet to see any changes to my body or my motivation. I realize that these things takes time but in a world of instant everything I find that I am having a hard time being patient. 

In order to make up for my bad meal I decided to take a Zumba class and it totally killed me. The fact that a 60 year old kindergarten/Zumba teacher can shake her ass better than me makes me sad but also proud at the same time. 

Note to self: master ass clapping so I can show the young'uns how we did it in the 20-teens.

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