Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Diet Chronicles: Day 02

Will this lead to that? (picture below)?

Lets hope so.
So the second day of my dieting adventures started off kind of crazy. They say that one of the key ways to keep up with a healthy diet is to always be prepared. Keeping this in mind I bought granola bars yesterday, not the good ones, but the good for you ones with flax seed and stuff. Those granola bars would have been so handy to grab and go when I woke up this morning at 7:25! I have to be at work at 8:00 and that includes a 10 minute drive, so I was super rushed. Turns out (after I wasted a few minutes of precious time looking), the granola bars must not have come home with me so I was forced to eat like 3 spoonfuls from half an avocado I had already cut, coffee, and a plastic shot glass full of cereal (it was the only thing I had that could be taken on the go). Note: Buy paper bowls

While there isn't a breakfast much more satisfying than drinking coffee out of a tall plastic glass and eating cereal in my car, I can think of a few other options I might have preferred. Needless to say I was extremely hungry at lunch. So I ate the rest of the leftover chicken and rice that I had yesterday for lunch. Not super high on the healthy foods list but not that bad either. At least it wasn't a brownie, (regular or special).

Dinner was an unexciting but pretty tasty chicken burrito with green beans and a salad. A weird combo, I know, but its what I had in the fridge. 

As for exercise I have decided, much like Miley,  to work with what I was given and ignore what I wasn't. Miley has decided that since she's kind of flat in the back she's going to show what she does have: her fupa and nipples. Similarly, since I don't have much going on up top, I'm going to have to focus on getting the best behind that I can. I want to look Brazilian by the end of this.  Or Israeli. Or Australian. Or any of the Victoria's Secret models and the countries they represent. 

As a result I went to a step class at the local gym. While I originally thought it was going to be the only young person in a sea of fading estrogen and that I would absolutely kill it, the class turned out to be a mix of young and old and I absolutely got my ass handed to me. The actual step part of the class wasn't so bad but the arm workout was brutal. At one point I, we were doing lateral raise (or that's what I think they are called) and we were supposed to lift our weights to form a T with our arms. By that point my arms were so tired that the best I could do was raise them a 1/3 of the way and was left looking more like a sad A than a strong T. 

Oh well. At least I've made it through 2 days without too much struggle.

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