Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Diet Chronicles: Day 6-8

Diet and Lifestyle Advice from Jack Dorsey

Ok, to say that I have fallen off the "diet wagon" is an understatement. The weekends are always tough for me to stick to a diet. I usually go home to my parents house or to visit friends. I can't seem to shake the "it's the weekend and I can do whatever I want" mentality and the s'mores at a family bon fire this weekend were too good to resist. So much for a diet that is low in sugar. I'm pretty sure just one ingredient in a s'more is over the 26 grams of sugar you are supposed to have a day, let alone the rest of them. 

However, yesterday marked the first day of a new week and a new week allows me to get back on the wagon with all the other sugar deprived. While a diet low in sugar  may not be as trendy as other diets (or technically a diet at all, more of a healthy way of eating) or have as many celebrity endorsers, it does have a few famous promoters. Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter and Square, recently mentioned avoiding sugar as part of a keys to success speech at the Y Combinator's Startup School. 

Some of his rules:

-Stay present.
-Be vulnerable.
-Drink only lemon water and red wine.
-Do six sets of 20 squats and pushups every day.
-Run for three miles.
-Meditate on this list.
-Stand up straight.
-Spend 10 minutes with a heavy (punching) bag.
-Say “hello” to everyone.
-Get seven hours of sleep.


-Avoid eye contact.
-Be late.
-Set expectations you can’t meet.
-Eat sugar.
-Drink hard liquor or beer during the weekday.

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I must say I'm a little iffy on some of his rules. I don't know about only drinking lemon water and red wine. Where's the coffee or tea? I don't own a heavy punching bag nor do I have access to one. Meditate on this list? Is he making fun of us? But I do think, that for the most part his list seems pretty clever, sort of a rough guide to living a motivated and positive lifestyle. 

And who am I to not follow the advice of a billionaire? Thank you Jack for motivating me to stay on my low sugar diet. I just hope that someone doesn't say anything to me that is mean when I awkwardly make eye contact with them at they gym (bound to happen) since I will be very vulnerable and tired after running three miles.  

P.S. Jack forgot to mention 
- wear Dior Homme cotton poplin reverse collar shirt ( a favorite of his)

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