Saturday, October 12, 2013

In Search of the Perfect Boot

I have been looking for the perfect boot since the last boot season. I want a nice flat plain tan leather boot without straps or a lot of embellishments. I found the perfect pair of Nine West boots last year but I was a moron and didn't buy them because they were too expensive. Note to self: you wouldn't be on the search for boots if you had just lived off peanut butter and crackers for a week and bought those boots. Lesson learned. 

Well anyways that leaves me still without the perfect pair. After much internet browsing I finally found a pair that were exactly what I wanted! Glorious! Joy!.....too bad they are $428 and way out of my budget. I know, I know, I definitely need these boots and I definitely seem like I could afford them according to half of the fashion pics I blog about, but alas, I usually blog about things that I want, not things I can afford (that's often why I blog about it).

But anyways have a look at these beauties and if you have them, let me know how wonderful they are. *cries into wallet*
Cole Haan Astoria Tall Boot
I love these too *more crying*
Kate Spade Orlena Boot $498
Of course I love these too
Kate Spade Oliver Boot $498

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