Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Alice + Olivia

You know those brands that through their clothing, accessories. and styling totally represent the lifestyle that you want to have? Alice + Olivia is one of those brands. While every look may not be a hit for me personally, it would probably look great on the person who would be my best friend/co-worker/mom I would have if I lived in the world the clothes were meant to be in. The Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2014 collection just screams to me young sophisticate with no cares who works in an art museum by day and goes to out on the town/fabulous parties with witty and charming people by night. 
My "I'm going to a gala" outfit
My "ask me about Russian constuctivist art and architecture" outfit.
My "power player yet a lady" outfit. 
My "lets do brunch" outfit.
My "hanging out with friends" outfit.
My "minimalism" outfit.
My "what I would wear to be introduced to your mother" outfit.
My "lets go to the library" outfit.
My "guess my age" outfit. 

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