Friday, October 25, 2013

Furnishings: Noble and Wood

"Paul Blease founded Noble and Wood based upon his family history, a legacy of integrity and love for well made products. Inspired by great explorers, Noble and Wood endeavours to design and manufacture timeless elegant furniture and  home accessories. Noble and Wood’s philosophy of crafted modernism is achieved through combining rich materials and exploring modern manufacturing processes with traditional hand crafted techniques." - Noble and Wood website

While perusing the web the other day (in attempts to put off doing other things) I stumbled upon this amazing company. I simply love all of their pieces and the fact that they do wallpaper (which I think needs to make a comeback, but that is another post) makes them even cooler. I love the mirror so much that I looked to see where I could buy it. It's only carried in select European stores though and the 195-345 Euros price is a bit out of my price range. Normally I would try to make a cheaper diy version (and I still may) but honestly, I love this mirror and this company so much I want to buy something in support of them. Maybe someday with some saving.

In the meanwhile I will let you feast your eyes on some of their beautiful pieces.

Coffee Stool
Spot Hooks

Domino Stool

Saddle Magazine Rack

Cloud Stool

And finally...

Loop Mirror

Know of any other furniture collections/companies that are worth checking out? Comment and let me know!

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