Friday, October 11, 2013

A Toast for the Douchebags

Why do we love douche-y guys? Is it their shallowness that attracts us? Is it their out of control egos and superiority complex? Maybe it is the weird hope that if they take us to dinner we will get to see the valet cry. Quite possibly it has to do with women's fascination with "fixing" someone and in the meanwhile we can bask in pleasure knowing that while they are a total jerk to everyone else, they are really nice to you. 

Well whatever the reason may be we have to admit that they do have a certain appeal. Here are a few pics to give you your douche-bag fix without having to be charmed for a night and never called again.

guy on left: "what are you gonna do after class?"
guy on right: "shhh. Look at that girl over there with the huge tits."

"Were you talking to me?"
"Yeah, I'm pretty much the best looking and best dressed guy here."
"My sunglasses cover up the fact that I'm not paying attention to what you're saying."
she's thinking: "I think I might want to marry him."
he's thinking: "I think I'm going to bring that girl to the next race."
"You finished? We have shit to get done." 
"Yeah, that's accurate."
"Time to show these peasants how its done."
"You and I both know that I am super hot."

"Touch my scarf and I will stab you."

"I don't have time to shave. And yes this is a man clutch. Straps are for pussies."

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