Monday, December 2, 2013

Dreaming of a Winter Accessories filled Christmas

Weald Faux Fur Hat

Like many of you, I have spent quite a bit of quality time perusing the internet for deals. Seriously online shopping is really an addiction. I spend so much time deciding whether I am buying the gift because the person I am buying it for will like it or because I like it and want it for myself. And then there is the inevitable fact that for every item I find for someone else I find 20 things that I want for myself. Seriously, are all major holiday and event (back to school, summer) sales meant to save moms and families money really designed to trick single people into buying a ton of stuff? Oh this sweater is marked down so that your Aunt you never see can afford to buy it for you? Don't mind if I pick up this bargain for myself. 

Honestly, though I'm wandering a bit off topic. While scrolling through the Anthropologie website the other day (I know I'm obsessed, read my previous post about said store here) for my Cyber Monday post I found myself struggling to make a decision on which accessorie that I wanted to feature. Hats, scarves, gloves, mittens, it doesn't matter. I loved them all. 

There is a problem though. First, I'm not made of money so I can't indulge my fancies and buy all of them. Second, I look/feel somewhat silly in hats. In my head/when I try them on in the store, hats are adorable and sexy and make me look that cute quirky girl that somehow always meets the cutest guys randomly at a coffee shop. The girl that every guy looks at and thinks, "Who is that girl? I must take her home to meet my incredibly wealthy and old monied family who will welcome her into the family with open arms." However, in reality who wears a cloche in the 2010's (although I think they should make a MAJOR comeback in the 2020's!)? For that matter, who besides Rachel Zoe, wears a hat at all? (Just to clarify when I say "wear hats" I mean indoors and all day long, not outside to keep your head warm.) I don't want to be that girl at work.

So in conclusion to this semi long ramble, what I want for Christmas is an unlimited budget to buy winter accessories from Anthro and a world in which it is accepted and encouraged to wear said things....and world peace...and to help those less fortunate...and other things. 

We have to start somewhere. 

A few of my faves.
Snowdonia Rancher

Ochre Rose Tapper Hat

Chilled Crystal Beret

Plumed Rancher

Loren Colorblocked Cloche

Fuzzy Ascot

Otsana Faux Fur Cowl

Faux Fur Hooded Swing Cape

Plumed Earband

Saxon Dipped Gloves

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