Thursday, December 5, 2013

Cookies for Santa

dark chocolate and red wine cookies
That's right. These little gems have chocolate AND red wine in them. 
The holiday season is in full swing and you know what that means (ok, besides shopping)...cookies! Baking Christmas cookies is a time honored tradition and for those of you that don't cook it is a time honored tradition to eat said cookies. They say that you eat first with your eyes, so why not take a little nibble of these delicious cookies before Santa eats them all! 

Pics got you ready to tie on an apron (or at least hungry)? Don't worry the links are all there to the recipe. Just click on the cookie name. 
raspberry cheesecake macarons

lemon cookies
A refreshing alternative to plain sugar or your standard chocolate chip cookies.
cappuccino cookies
You had me at cappucino. Not baking savvy? That's fine because these babies are for sold by trusty old Crate and Barrel. 

black currant macarons
These looked too tempting. I had to throw in another macaron recipe. 

cream cheese almond cookies
Cream cheese. Enough said. 

lavender shortbread
I'm not sure if these would be delicious or they would taste like room freshener. Either way they look pretty and who says Santa doesn't have a sophisticated palate?
salted caramel cookies
homemade milano cookies
milk chocolate chip maple syrup glazed bacon cookies
Could be good. I'm willing to try. 

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