Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Alice + Olivia

You know those brands that through their clothing, accessories. and styling totally represent the lifestyle that you want to have? Alice + Olivia is one of those brands. While every look may not be a hit for me personally, it would probably look great on the person who would be my best friend/co-worker/mom I would have if I lived in the world the clothes were meant to be in. The Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2014 collection just screams to me young sophisticate with no cares who works in an art museum by day and goes to out on the town/fabulous parties with witty and charming people by night. 
My "I'm going to a gala" outfit
My "ask me about Russian constuctivist art and architecture" outfit.
My "power player yet a lady" outfit. 
My "lets do brunch" outfit.
My "hanging out with friends" outfit.
My "minimalism" outfit.
My "what I would wear to be introduced to your mother" outfit.
My "lets go to the library" outfit.
My "guess my age" outfit. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

National Cat Day

I can't believe I almost let National Cat Day slip by without celebrating! I suppose I did so because I was of the opinion that it was earlier this year. However, according to the  Huffington Post it is today and as for me I certainly don't mind celebrating more that once a year. In fact its better this way. So find a feline friend and enjoy all things cat related.

Cat and books? Yay!
those eyes
too cute!
Paul and Joe always get it so right.
Marie gets me.

Cat on the catwalk
Miu Miu SS RTW 2014

New wallpaper for my computer?

Cat beer 

Friday, October 25, 2013

Furnishings: Noble and Wood

"Paul Blease founded Noble and Wood based upon his family history, a legacy of integrity and love for well made products. Inspired by great explorers, Noble and Wood endeavours to design and manufacture timeless elegant furniture and  home accessories. Noble and Wood’s philosophy of crafted modernism is achieved through combining rich materials and exploring modern manufacturing processes with traditional hand crafted techniques." - Noble and Wood website

While perusing the web the other day (in attempts to put off doing other things) I stumbled upon this amazing company. I simply love all of their pieces and the fact that they do wallpaper (which I think needs to make a comeback, but that is another post) makes them even cooler. I love the mirror so much that I looked to see where I could buy it. It's only carried in select European stores though and the 195-345 Euros price is a bit out of my price range. Normally I would try to make a cheaper diy version (and I still may) but honestly, I love this mirror and this company so much I want to buy something in support of them. Maybe someday with some saving.

In the meanwhile I will let you feast your eyes on some of their beautiful pieces.

Coffee Stool
Spot Hooks

Domino Stool

Saddle Magazine Rack

Cloud Stool

And finally...

Loop Mirror

Know of any other furniture collections/companies that are worth checking out? Comment and let me know!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What to wear when you want to make your co-workers uncomfortable

Christopher Kane Pre SS 2014
Imagine your sitting at your desk and Betty from marketing comes and asks if you want to go to lunch with them. Imagine Betty's surprise when you stand up revealing this laser cut number. Are you showing skin? Are you bare as a baby's bottom? Are you wearing nude colored undies? Those are the questions that will inevitably go through anyone's mind that sees you that day. 

On a side note the above skirt (or dress, I can't tell with the jacket) would look great with a black slip or even a short skirt in a bright color. Also some of the other looks in the collection are a bit more toned down and quite pretty. 

Think of any other examples of what to wear when you want to make your co-workers uncomfortable? Let me know in a comment

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Diet Chronicles: Day 6-8

Diet and Lifestyle Advice from Jack Dorsey

Ok, to say that I have fallen off the "diet wagon" is an understatement. The weekends are always tough for me to stick to a diet. I usually go home to my parents house or to visit friends. I can't seem to shake the "it's the weekend and I can do whatever I want" mentality and the s'mores at a family bon fire this weekend were too good to resist. So much for a diet that is low in sugar. I'm pretty sure just one ingredient in a s'more is over the 26 grams of sugar you are supposed to have a day, let alone the rest of them. 

However, yesterday marked the first day of a new week and a new week allows me to get back on the wagon with all the other sugar deprived. While a diet low in sugar  may not be as trendy as other diets (or technically a diet at all, more of a healthy way of eating) or have as many celebrity endorsers, it does have a few famous promoters. Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter and Square, recently mentioned avoiding sugar as part of a keys to success speech at the Y Combinator's Startup School. 

Some of his rules:

-Stay present.
-Be vulnerable.
-Drink only lemon water and red wine.
-Do six sets of 20 squats and pushups every day.
-Run for three miles.
-Meditate on this list.
-Stand up straight.
-Spend 10 minutes with a heavy (punching) bag.
-Say “hello” to everyone.
-Get seven hours of sleep.


-Avoid eye contact.
-Be late.
-Set expectations you can’t meet.
-Eat sugar.
-Drink hard liquor or beer during the weekday.

Click here for the original source 

I must say I'm a little iffy on some of his rules. I don't know about only drinking lemon water and red wine. Where's the coffee or tea? I don't own a heavy punching bag nor do I have access to one. Meditate on this list? Is he making fun of us? But I do think, that for the most part his list seems pretty clever, sort of a rough guide to living a motivated and positive lifestyle. 

And who am I to not follow the advice of a billionaire? Thank you Jack for motivating me to stay on my low sugar diet. I just hope that someone doesn't say anything to me that is mean when I awkwardly make eye contact with them at they gym (bound to happen) since I will be very vulnerable and tired after running three miles.  

P.S. Jack forgot to mention 
- wear Dior Homme cotton poplin reverse collar shirt ( a favorite of his)

Monday, October 21, 2013

Take back the Lucite!

Move over ladies. You had your time on the stage.
Lucite has long been associated with stripper heels and 70's furniture. But why do hippies and strippers get to have all the fun! Its time to take back the Lucite and show everyone how classy and cool Lucite can be!

Take back the Lucite!

Jeffrey Campbell heeled oxford shoes / Alexis Bittar necklace / Alexis Bittar crystal bracelet / MM6 Maison Martin Margiela bangle bracelet / Jonathan Adler burl furniture / Jonathan Adler accent table / Jonathan Adler 

Some other noteworthy looks
Juicy Couture

Alice + Olivia

Jeffrey Campbell

Alexander McQueen