Thursday, October 10, 2013

Blog Clichés / Post Must Haves

look I read books about architecture
I can bake
I love going to polo matches and drinking champagne
outfit of the day

If you spend any time looking at blogs you will know that there are certain posts that can be found over and over again. Seeing as I just wrote a post a few days ago about blog originality, it only makes sense that my next move will be to promise that I will never write posts like these and show some kind of disdain towards those that do. However, I do kind of like some cliche posts, because similar to pageants in which contestants must all answer the same question, it allows you to get to know the personality of the blogger. Often its posts like these that I have laughed at and enjoyed the most and decided whether or not to subscribe to their feed.

1. The ways I'm still a child post
2. The I'm growing up/becoming an adult post
3. The ways I am prematurely becoming an old person
4. The recipe post
5. The outfit of the day post
6. I have no money but I must have this article of clothing/item post
7. The why pay for it if you can make it post
8. The look at this cool event/party that I went to with perfect candid photos
9. The reasons why I'm dying alone but not really cause I'm fabulous post
10. The look how much I can make my apt look like a Crate&Barrel/Anthropologie     catalog

*note: I am excluding mommy blogs from this list. thats just a list on its own

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