Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Valentino Fall 2013 Couture

so ladylike
In the fast paced world of fashion Valentino's Fall 2013 Couture collection is old news. However, in the real world the collection seems so very now. With classic cold weather fabrics such as tweed, velvet, and cashmere, the collection features clean lines and beautiful details to create sleek looks that are timelessly elegant. What really sets this collection apart, from many of it's couture peers, is the entire collection's total wearability. While the evident craftsmanship  marks the collection as very clearly couture, every piece lends itself easily to many real world occasions (work, church, holiday parties) and could be worn by women of many different ages. Wearability and couture? Simply breathtaking. 

I need this coat.

This just screams Game of Thrones.

Beautiful pattern. 

So chic.

What a beautiful way to wear color. 

Holiday party anyone?

Luxurious texture.

Please get me this for Christmas. 

Ultimate holiday soiree attire. 


  1. Bethany: This is such a wonderful way to remind fashion-lovers about how much forethought goes into a designers' collection. You are absolutely right that the Fall line is so NOW.


    1. Sharon! I knew I wasn't the only one who felt like this about Valentino's collection!
      Also, I checked out your blog! Fabulous!