Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thom Browne Fall 2013 Ready to Wear

I couldn't help but throw another Thom Browne post your way. His stuff is too good not be obsessed with and therefore make others obsessed too. This ready to wear collection takes on a more of a whimsical vibe than the looks in my previous Thom Browne post but still maintains his feminine take on menswear. The collection reminds me of what I think a modern Queen of Hearts wardrobe might look like.

Pleats and Patterns!

Houndstooth looks oh so fine.

Structure structure structure.

Power suit.

I might reconsider pants if they looked this chic. 

Shiny stripes + matter fabric =  fall/winter finery


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  1. Adore Thom Browne, and love seeing what he's going to come up with for the ladies every season (and how it relates to the menswear line!)