Monday, November 25, 2013

Better grab a sweater

If you're anything like me then Thanksgiving is going to be an absolute food fest. You might try to eat healthy or portion control the rest of the year but when it comes to the holidays you really can't be expected to adhere to the same eating standards that you set for yourself the rest of the year. However, with much food comes food babies so why not let you and your "little one" enjoy family and food in comfort and style? A loose cozy sweater is the perfect way to look cute, stay warm, and gives you enough room to eat all the turkey, cranberry, and pumpkin you desire. 
Michael Kors
I usually don't wear turtlenecks but I want to wrap myself in this one!
Young Republic
I don't think this is technically a sweater but it just looks so darn comfy I had to include it. 
Poncho + sweater dress = extra warm coziness 
Phillip Lim Oversized Cable Knit Pullover

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