Thursday, November 14, 2013

Pinterest Finds: Anthropologie

Well besides following the The Red Panda Purveyor's fabulous Pinterest account, does anyone else follow Anthropologie? First off, yes that Anthropologie and second, if you don't you should. As expected their boards showcase their amazing merchandise but also takes a step away from catalog and becomes more of a curated blog (which they also have) of amazing things, often from other blogs, that embody the lifestyle that you imagine the "perfect Anthropologie girl" to have. While all of their pins are great, here are a few of my faves. 

I would want to play cards so much more if I had this golden deck!
My friend has these and they are adorable!
This look is so romantic and either dress would make a beautiful wedding dress.
Speaking of wedding... Best cake ever?
Something so appealing about the painting and color scheme of the room. 
I love the combination of a flowy lace top paired with a tight pencil skirt in a luxurious print.
via anthropologie's blog
Brunch anyone?
I need these flats! Chic but totally everyday wearable.
What I imagine a Rachel Zoe for Anthropologie photo shoot would look like.
mmmmmmmmmmm I'm still trying to not eat sugar but I would fall off the diet wagon for a bite of these cookies!
You need this for the upcoming holiday parties.
I imagine my dream boy might deliver these to me as Lana Del Rey's Blue Velvet plays in the background.

Can someone please buy these for me and text me once a week to remind me to water them. 
Is butter a carb? No? Well great. Bring on the Croissants!
No pants no problem. Who doesn't love a cushy long sweater, especially in this pretty shade of pink?


  1. They have geese measuring cups now too! Is it bad that I want those too?

    1. haha no! They are too cute! You can just say you are collecting them!