Thursday, January 16, 2014

New Year New Hair

There's something about the beginning of a new year that makes me want to change up my look. New year, new look, right? The problem is I can't make up my mind what kind of look I want. My first order of business is to get a haircut (new clothes take more time..and money). But what kind of cut do I want and more importantly what will work with my hair's texture and the way it lays? After looking at all the runway shows and trying my best to predict spring hair trends I have decided that basically what I already have (long and straight) is going to be in and lends itself well to the sleek ponytails, messy bunny, and beachy waves that have been storming the runways. However, that doesn't help me much when I'm trying to take myself in a new stylistic direction.

So again after countless wasted hours perusing the internet I have whittled it down to a few different options. You know the old saying, "measure twice, cut once" so I better "look at all the options, cut once."

Parted Bangs
Alexa gets it so right.

Amazing as always.

Bangs (full fringe)
Full bangs always imply that the wearer is super hip and definitely has cool places to be
Rose Byrne is a fox!

Dark Red
Here is where it gets really tricky. I love this look but I don't really think it would look good on me. In fact I'm wondering if the best look is seriously to keep the look I have but then again that could be the nerves talking. I need a stylist. Brad Goreski if you are out there please contact me please. 

As always comments are always appreciated. What hair trends do you see coming up?What look are you currently wanting/rocking?

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