Thursday, January 16, 2014

Current Obsession: Felt Hats

You know how it is, once you get into your head a certain item of clothing or accessory you can't help but help scour every internet shopping site/fashion blog/Pinterest page you know looking for that perfect item and how/when to wear it. Here lately I can't stop obsessing over felt hats. I wish I could more accurately describe the hat, for example say, Panama, fedoras, pork pie, etc. but honestly I think it's more of the feeling behind the hat and the attitude it conveys that interests me rather than the specific style of hat. 

It all started when I came across pics of Saint Laurent's Spring/Summer 2013 Ready to Wear collection. The clothes themselves were amazing, stylish and sophisticated with a bit of edge. However, it was the addition of felt hats that for me really made the looks stand out. 

Of course, as fashion generally goes I went from runway to retail to street style.

Only look with short sleeves (see quandary below).

Now this leads me to my current quandary. I have said it before and I will say it again, how does one wear hats? No one around me ever wears hats and I'm pretty sure if I did people would tap me on the shoulder and ask, "Are you aware that you are inside? You can take your hat off now." So there's that.

But that's not it. All these hats are felt and most of the looks that I'm seeing involve cool weather clothing. But what if I want to use a hat to convey a cool girl attitude when it isn't cool outside? I know that a straw hat is the obvious answer but while I do love the straw hat, I want to somehow make this look transcend to summer as well. 

Do you say, screw the rules and do whatever you want or only wear felt hats in weather where a light jacket is required?

As always I would love to hear your comments and ideas. Help a girl out!

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