Monday, April 21, 2014

It's Lilly Time!

It's that time of year again! The rosebuds and dogwoods are starting to bloom. The sun is shining. The days are getting longer. It's time to put away your winter clothes and break out the spring dresses...especially when those dresses happen to be Lilly Pulitzer. 

I don't know what it is about those silly, cheerful, and dazzlingly bright prints that can take the most rational and usually monochrome clad woman and turn her into a giddy frolicking girl! I myself have fallen for the allure of those watercolor prints and I can't help but think that everyone needs a little punch of color and cheer in their life and certainly their wardrobe every now and then! 

Lucky Charms Print
Like vacation on a print. Am I right?
One of my faves!
That being said... I am currently trying to find a new owner for a lovely Lilly dress that I ordered online for myself and is sadly too small. I am absolutely in love with this dress but it is too small through the chest. I normally avoid using this blog to try and sell things but I must say that this dress is much to nice to be wasted away sitting in my closet.

So here are the deets...

The dress is new, never been worn (except for me pathetically trying to zip it up!)
Style: Lilly Pulitzer Mariposa Blossom Dress
Size: 00
It was originally retailed for $188. I am asking for $95.00. 
Because it is strapless it has sewn in boning on the top which leaves little wiggle room in size (See size chart) 
According to size chart your waist must measure 24". I however have a 25" waist and I felt that it fit me fine in the waist. 

Ladies, Gents buying for your ladies, don't let this dress spend another day in the closet and away from the wedding or garden party that it deserves to go to! Feel free to ask a question in the comments or leave your email address if interested.

Thanks and have a lovely Lilly Day!

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